Conversational NT Greek In the Gospel of John

Jewish Christian Relations

Unique summer course at Israel College of the Bible –
A learning experience you don’t want to miss!

Invest two weeks in Israel that will last you a lifetime! Come and study the Gospel of John in its original language in the place where it all happened! This 6 credit course is suited for lay-people, teachers/scholars/pastors and students alike.


College campus of Israel College of the Bible located in central Israel.

  • Dates: August 8th – August 23rd
  • 14 Days
  • 60 hours of conversational Biblical Greek
  • Price: $1,900 USD
  • Price includes:Tuition, Full room and board, transportation for the entire duration of the course and 6 transferable credits.
    **Price does not include: Airfare and personal expenses.

About the Instructor:

Jenni Glaser has a B.A. in Theology from Biola University, an M.A. in Classical Philology from Fordham University, and is pursuing a doctorate at Hebrew University. She has taught Greek at the Feinberg Center of New York in the U.S and for the Polis Institute of Jerusalem in Israel.

 Learning Method:

Our unique learning method, based on the highly successful Israel Ulpan* and Comprehensible Input, will bring this ancient language to life in a spoken immersion environment. The focus will be on the Book of John, and we will be spending our weekends exploring the original locations of John as we connect our Greek knowledge to the teachings of the Gospel.
* An ulpan is an institute or school for the intensive study of Hebrew.

Target audience:

Lay-person: Come to Israel this summer and have the experience of a lifetime. You will spend two weeks with like-minded people, learning to read the language of the New Testament through the Book of John, while exploring the places where all the events occurred. As you grow in your ability to understand the text, you will be able to connect your knowledge to your surroundings, build your faith and knowledge inside and out of class through conversation, exploration, and Bible teaching, and come home with the tools to begin reading and experiencing the Bible for yourself in the original Greek.

Teacher/Scholar/Pastor: Are you a Greek teacher, scholar or pastor who can work with the Greek New Testament, but want to be able to read it with the ease and understanding that you can in your own mother tongue? Come to Israel this summer and turn your scholarly foundations into living knowledge. You will spend two and a half weeks with like-minded people, taking the passive knowledge that you have gained through study and teaching and turning it into active knowledge through speech, writing and interaction. Our goals are to teach you to think and speak in Greek, to read the New Testament as your own personal Bible, and to share that knowledge with your colleagues and those you minister to back home.

Student: Are you a Biblical Studies student working through your Greek requirements? Get a jump start! Come to Israel this summer and spend two weeks with people passionate about God's word in the land where everything took place. After two weeks of studying Greek here in Israel, you will come home more confident in your studies and with the tools to continue to learn Greek as a living language, and to share that with your fellow students. If you've already taken basic Greek, you will look at Greek in a way you've never encountered as you speak, read, and interact in the language.

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