Courses at ICB

Israel College of the Bible

Courses offered Fall Semester

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Old Testament Backgrounds The course delves into different aspects of society, traditions, customs and practices of Israel and the surrounding nations during the biblical period in order to understand the Tanakh more fully.
Biblical Geography This course provides an on-site introduction to the historical and geographical settings of the Bible
Theology of the Torah This course examines the compositional strategy of the Torah by looking at its structure and at select passages in the light of this structure.
Modern Hebrew I Modern Hebrew includes learning to read, write and speak.
Jewish Christian Relations The course examines the interaction between the Jewish people and Christianity, covering issues such as history, theology, influences and polemics.

Israel College of the Bible Spring Semester

Courses offered Spring Semester

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Biblical Archeology This course presents an overview of ancient archaeological eras in order to acquaint the students with the major archaeological finds and sites relevant to study of the Scriptures.
New Testament Background This course provides a panoramic overview of the social,political,religious and cultural world of the new testament in order to prepare the student for responsible study of the new testament and early church.
Kingdom and the Covenants The course will identify the original need and ultimate goal of God's redemptive plan, tracing its development in Old and New Testaments.
Modern Hebrew II This course continues the study of Hebrew vocabulary, grammar and syntax.
History of Modern Israel Students study the historical beginnings of the modern state of Israel from the mid-1800's to the founding of the state. The words of Hess, Herzl, Weizmann, Begin, and Meir will be studied.