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Studying the Bible with Israeli experts in archaeology, history and theology might seem like an impossible dream, but now you can study with Israel College of the Bible right where you are! Watch our lecturers teaching on location all over Israel, bringing treasures from the Land of the Bible to your home. 

You can gain qualifications which are internationally accredited, or you can choose to lighten the load and study for personal enrichment.

  • engaging video lectures from sites in Israel
  • clear curriculum provided for you to follow
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  • courses are self-paced, providing the flexibility of a six month time period
  • choose when to complete your assignments and tests based on your own schedule

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The Historical Jesus of the New Testament

The historical Jesus of the New Testament


In this class we will interview internationally known New Testament scholar, Craig Evans, about the contemporary state of historical Jesus research. We’ll also discover Jesus – the historical Jesus – as found in the pages of the New Testament.

Jewish - Christian Relations

Jewish Christian Relations


This course will survey the history of the Jewish people and Judaism in comparison with the history of Christianity. Instead of seeing Jesus and Judaism through the lens of later history, we will study them both in their original historical context.

Biblical Geography


Studying the geography of the Bible in the Land of Israel may sound like an impossible dream, but now you can delve into the subject right where you are, even if you live on a different continent!

The Dead Sea Scrolls & the New Testament


The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls shook the world of Second Temple historians and archaeologists, both Jews and Christians. They proved that there was a messianic expectation before the time of the New Testament for the "Son of God" to arrive. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and what is the connection between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament?

Future Courses

  • The Seven Feasts of The Lord
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Modern Israel: From a Biblical People to a Modern Nation

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