Shalom from Israel

About Israel College of the Bible

We are glad you are taking an interest in studying with us at Israel College of the Bible.

Taking time to be trained in the Word of God can be an investment in eternity. But an additional benefit of studying with us here in Israel is that the Bible takes on an experiential dimension: students are immersed not only the words of the Bible, but also the land, the people, the language and the culture of the Scriptures. As one of our students, you will join a supportive and social learning environment where you will be challenged by an academically rich, and spiritually-centered encounter with the Bible.

What better way is there to study the languages of the Bible, the history of the Bible, the faith of the Bible and more, than in the place where it all began?

Here you can visit not only tourist sites, but actual archaeological and historical sites where the events of the Bible took place. While holding your Bible, you will look past the edges of the pages to the locations themselves.

However, Israel College of the Bible is not only concerned with the ancient stones of the past. We are here to join God’s building project with his living stones of today - Israeli Jews and Arabs, and his people from every nation and tongue. We want to invest in our students, to help them develop as disciples and servants of God. Here you will have the chance to share your life with teachers and leaders who are interested in helping you to grow spiritually as well as intellectually. You will also have the opportunity to worship in a Messianic congregation and volunteer in a number of organizations and ministries to make the most of your Israel experience.

Why not consider joining us here in the land of the Bible?


Dr.Erez Soref, Israel College of the Bible

Blessings in Messiah,

Dr.Erez Soref, President

Dr. Erez Soref